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Who we are

When I met my husband, in 1982, he had fawn danes yet. When we got married he said he'd have loved to have a Great Dane living with us, but we lived in a small apartment in Milan, so my answer was "no, no, NO!!!". One week later my first dane, Lothar Indios dell'Armida,  came into our house. He was an unforgettable blue giant and I fell in love with him and with the breed! With him I had my first show experiences, but his career was really short because he had a real terrible topline which became worse with his growth. Anyway his breeder used him a lot as stud so he gained the title of "Stud Champion". He died when he was almost 9, on December 1995, and I still miss him a lot!
When we moved to a little town immediately outside Milan we bought a blue female, Oceania Indios dell'Armida. She wasn't a show bitch but she had two wonderful litters and one of her son won the title of Junior World Winner. She died quite young (3 years old) for bloat after the second litter.

Our old male felt very sad all alone, so the breeder gave us a fawn female, Toscana Indios dell'Armida. She gave me big satisfactions in the shows: she became quickly Italian and International champion. She was a wonderful bitch with a wonderful temperament, and she has been a great baby-sitter for my two children. She had three litters, two for her breeder and the last one (finally) for me. From this last litter we kept with us Ayesha.

But the blues were in my heart so in 1999 we bought in France, from the "du Val de l'AmitiƩ" kennel owned by Mrs. Wolf, a blue 7 months old female, Oceane du Val de l'AmitiƩ and she was the founder of our kennel.
Since 2003 we breed with the FCI kennel  name Lotosdanes. We produce very few litters trying to breed more for health and temperament than for show beauty ... if they are also beautiful this is our cup of tea!
This is our kennel story. What about me? I'm a retired veterinary, I'm married with Gianni and I have two children, Alessandro and Erica (my best helper in the kennel and in the show and future breeder). I have been for many years a member of the Italian Great Dane Club (SIA) directive board and  for many years I have directed its publications: the review "Il Gionalano" and the Yearbook. I have also been for many years a member of the directive board and vice-president of the Monza Kennel Group.
Since 2010 I'm a judge for the Great Danes and since 2012 I judge also all the Dachshunds. I have had the pleasure to judge my beloved breed both in Italy and in some foreign countries (France, Russia, Portugal, Poland).
I hope you'll enjoy my website and I'll be glad to answer to your questions, if you like.
Thank you!
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