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August 6, 2015 - Good news and bad news ...

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 6/8/2015 13:22:00
Tags: allevamentolotosdanescucciolialanialanibluesposizionisalute
Good news and bad news ...
We don't write since a lot of time because, as sometimes happensa when you breed or when you shore your life with the dogs, we have some bad news and we needed time to"metabolize" them.
Our wonderful Perla, so loved by her family, has left us suddendly due to a malignant arrhythmia ... unpredictable, inevitable. No one of us can blame ourselves, simply this kind of things happen but they hurt so much both who has bred her and who have loved her as a daughter.
Bye bye Perla, have a good life wherever you are now!


The second bad news is that Niobe maybe has a bad problem, an osteosarcoma that could bring her away in a very short time ... but we are hoping for the best because the x-ray are not perfectly indicative of this disease so we are doing consults and examinations to arrive to a final diagnosis. Please keep your fingers crossed!

And now the good news (finally)! We are gone to the dog show in Turin with Pascal and Pringle. They both have done very well, they have shown a very nice temperament and also Federica, at her first experience as a handler, did very good. Our puppies have still to reinforce the back so they took only "Promising", but I'm sure they will improve with time and growht.

Secon good, even better news: after the problem happened to Perla I have decided to repeat the official echocardio to Niobe and make the first official echocardio to Pixel: they both are free from cardiac diseases!!!


Last news: Pixel start to go to swim in a dog swimming pool. First time he was a little perplexed, but he's so trustful to Erica that he followed her in the water to stay close to her. Now he's a proficient swimmer, he jumps from the ramp alone and it seems he has fun!


Next meeting of the Lotosdanes group on Sunday, August 30 in Cuggiono for the Breed Show of )=° year of SIA (Italian Great Dane Club). We hope to repeat the experience of the last breed show and have another meeting with all our puppies and their families, so we are waiting for you all!

July 2, 2015 - Here we are again!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 6/8/2015 12:57:00
Tags: allevamentolotosdanescucciolialanialanibluesposizioni
After a long stop from writing on the blog, due to my work, here we are again!
The puppies are 7 months old and they are growing fast. Some of them have been at the dog shows, but they need more time to mature.
On April 26 Paddington, Pink Floyd e Pringle wento to the Great Dane Interclub Championship in baby class with good results (you cen read them on the Results page). Despite the very bad weather forecasts we have been lucky abd it didn't rain, so our Lotosdanes group have had a very good day spent all together (not with me because I was there as judge so I couldn't "socialize" with the exhibitors).
I want to thank Ghrerado and Elena (Paddington), Lorenzo and all his beautiful family, above all his father who after a asleep night has driven many hours to be with us (Pink Floyd), Michela e Corradino, "hystorical" friends who have helped the newcomers, Ilaria (Pringle) who brought us very good food and Erica (Pixel), who as usual has coordinate all.
Congratulations to Pringle for her title of IBaby Interclub Champion!




On June 7 we have gone abroad and we went to Switzerland to the Swiss Club Championship with Pixel and Pringle, and we had good result here too. Another time congratulations to Pringle who won the title of Club Jungstensiegerin (Juniores Club Champion)!

Within three days Pascal will make his debut to the Special Breed SDhow in Turin: however it will go it will be a success!

And now the BIG NEWS: my beloved daughter Erica deserves a gratification for all the work she does with the danes, completely on her charge both for the daily cares and for the shows. For this reason from June 23 she is officially associated in the kennel, so the Lotosdanes affix is owned by me and her. This is the first step for the "handover" for the future.

See you next week with the new show results!

January 11, 2015 - We've come back to the doh shows!

Published by Lotosdanes in Esposizioni · 16/1/2015 11:06:00
Tags: lotosdaneskennelgreatdanesbluegreatdanesdogsdogshowwinCACCACIBBOBdolceegabbanainternationalshowspecialbreedshow
January 11, 2015 - We've come back to the dog shows!

After almost a year of absence from the show rings on Sunday we've come back to the dog expo with Dolce, our yeoungest female.
As usual, when we wake up had a laziness attack and both me and Erica had tought: "why should we do it?". Then we woke up from the bed and we went to the dog show, close to Milan and very close to our home.
This show was really important because it was a Special Breed dog show, one of those show you must win to gain the Italian Champion title ... and we did it! Our Dolce, regardless the long time of absence from the rings and the poor training, did very well and has won all she could: CAC, CACIB and BOB! We are really really happy!
As usual Erica has been a perfect handler: good girl!

January 6, 2015 - Happy Epiphany!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 6/1/2015 17:44:00
January 6, 2015 - Happy Epiphany!

Happy New Year and Happy Epiphany!
After the little stop I told you about in my last blog, here we are again!
Last Saturday our puppieshave met many potential new "daddies and mammies": they took a lot of pictures and Niobe has been really nice with all these new visitors, she quietly welcomed all of them gaining LOT of cuddlings! I hope all the puppies will find a lovely home, as they deserve.

On Sunday some old friends come to visit us: Michela and Corradino, owners of two of my danes and expo's fellows (as well as wonderful friends), and two breeders friends, Roberto e Gabriella. With them we have checked carefully al the puppies to choose the two who will stay here at home. Then we spent the afternoon with Ilaria, who did a very nice photo shooting: you can see the results in the Litters page.
We have had a really nice day: seeing friends is always a big pleasure!

The puppies change every day and they seems all nice to me: I like some of them more than others, but the choice is really difficult so I'll take more time and I'll decide later.



December 28, 2014

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 28/12/2014 22:40:00
Tags: brredingkennellotosdanesniobelittergreatdanesbluegreatdanespuppies
December 28, 2014
This evening just few rows, then I'll miss the appointment with our blog for some days due to a little surgery (for me).
The puppies are growing well, they play with their toys and together. They go out the welping box more oftem goinf farther and farther ...   :-(
They eat the weaning meal three times a day, and between each meal they take some milk from the poor mum. And after the meals ... they sleep!!!


Here is the usual graphic. Many many wishes to all of you for a wonderful 2015!!!

December 25, 2014 - Merry merry Christmas!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 25/12/2014 19:09:00
Tags: lotosdaneskennelniobepuppiesgreatdanesbluegreatdaneslitterchristmas
December 25, 2014
Merry Christams from all of us, two and four-legged!
Today we have left mum and puppies alone from some hours and all is going well. We gave a good and abundant meal to the puppies before leaving them this mornign, so they became satiated and for sure they have slept for a looong time. Wgìhen we came back they all were in the whelping box, but they complained really loud ... they have scolded us for letting them alone for a so long time!!!   :-)   They have forgiven us only after another good meal.
This morning two adventurous puppies have gone out from the box, passed through the gate and are arrived in front of the stove ... then they started to cry becasue thet were unable to come back to the mum!

Well, after the Christmas kunch (not so exceptional, we went to the rest home were my father lives after his ictus), now we'll have a good Christams dinner
Again, our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, we leave you with the Christmas graphic!

December 22, 2104 - We have started the weaning!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 22/12/2014 09:53:00
Tags: niobedeliverypuppieslittergreatdanebluelotosdaneskennelweaning
December 22, 2104 - We have started the weaning!
Here we are again! These past days have been a little chaotic, very busy for humans and full of news for the puppies, so I couldn't update our blog daily.
Well ... they all have open eyes, walk everywhere and begin to go out the delivery box tipping up over the edge: luckily waiting for them there is a soft carpet and a worried mum!  :-)
We had also some difficult time because the light blue collar boy had a pneumonia ab ingestis (he inhaled some milk instead of swallow it). This can happnes when they are fed with the bottle. He had two very bad days but now he's recovering and eats well. He is still a little coughing but he's taking a natural syrup (as his human mum is doing!).
Between things that have kept us busy thete is the attempt to take some good photos ... anyone has tried to take pictures of dogs, above all sooo young, knows that it is a hard work! Seventhousandmillion of pictures to have, maybe, some good ones. Anyway, here are some results:




On December 20 all the puppes had thei first deworming drug. If you want to see how much have they liked it go to the litters page and take a look to the video! Their reactions to that strange new "milk" are ridicolous!
Yesterday, December 21, we have started the weaning too. Usually it takes some time to the puppies to understand that they should eat from the bowl and not from the mum, but I have to say that these puppies are quick to learn, maybe too much! They put their little heads in the bowl, some of them put all the body in the bowl and went out fully covered of food! Luckily there is mum who have carefully cleaned all of them! You can see the video of their first meal in the litters page.

PS: I have experienced personally thiis morning they now they have teeth ... poor mum!

December 14, 2014 - They all have open eyes!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 16/12/2014 17:27:00
Tags: niobedeliverypuppieslittergreatdanebluelotosdaneskennel
December 14, 2014 - They all have open eyes!
Today all of them have opened the eyes, even if they still see only light, shadows and blurred images.


Some are growth, some others has taken a little stop but to weight them is becoming more and more difficult because they don't stand still even for a moment and they risk to fall down from the scale.
They try to stand up and walk on their legs instead of crawling, but the results are not so good for the moment and the rollings are much more than the walkings!   :-)
WE are still giving them some supplementation with the biberon and I think I will begin early to wean them ...
As usual, here is the graphic.

December 12, 2014 - They begin to see the world ...

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 16/12/2014 17:20:00
Tags: niobedeliverypuppieslittergreatdanebluelotosdaneskennel
December 12, 2104 - They begin to see the world ...
Today the "beige collar" girl has opened her little eyes: two little cracks that look around ...
As usual, females vs. males 1-0!

Niobe is tired to stay all day with the little vampires, so we put a mattress only for her close to the box where she can relax a little. All the little vampires are growing. As usual we touch and manipulate them because we want them to be used to be lifted, touched, caressed, scratched, pampered, tourned, etc.. The problem is that they try to suck everuthing they find on their way, also fingers!

December 10, 2014

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 16/12/2014 16:54:00
Tags: niobedeliverypuppieslittergreatdanebluelotosdaneskennel
December 10, 2014
Here we are!
Puppies are growing and Niobe is a good mum, even if now she begins to be tored to spend all her time in the welping box with the baby suckling vampires!
Testerday she has devised a solution, genial in her opinion. When I asked her to stay in the welping box she has decided to sit with the butt in the box and the front legs outside ... so I couldn't say she wasn't In the box!

Today on the TV there was a program named "cute puppies" or something similar, where they follow a litter from the birth to the leaving from their new homes. At a certain moment she heared a puppy's crying coming from the TV and she was so worried that I had to switch off the TV!

Here is the usual graphic:

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