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December 22, 2104 - We have started the weaning!

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 22/12/2014 09:53:00
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December 22, 2104 - We have started the weaning!
Here we are again! These past days have been a little chaotic, very busy for humans and full of news for the puppies, so I couldn't update our blog daily.
Well ... they all have open eyes, walk everywhere and begin to go out the delivery box tipping up over the edge: luckily waiting for them there is a soft carpet and a worried mum!  :-)
We had also some difficult time because the light blue collar boy had a pneumonia ab ingestis (he inhaled some milk instead of swallow it). This can happnes when they are fed with the bottle. He had two very bad days but now he's recovering and eats well. He is still a little coughing but he's taking a natural syrup (as his human mum is doing!).
Between things that have kept us busy thete is the attempt to take some good photos ... anyone has tried to take pictures of dogs, above all sooo young, knows that it is a hard work! Seventhousandmillion of pictures to have, maybe, some good ones. Anyway, here are some results:




On December 20 all the puppes had thei first deworming drug. If you want to see how much have they liked it go to the litters page and take a look to the video! Their reactions to that strange new "milk" are ridicolous!
Yesterday, December 21, we have started the weaning too. Usually it takes some time to the puppies to understand that they should eat from the bowl and not from the mum, but I have to say that these puppies are quick to learn, maybe too much! They put their little heads in the bowl, some of them put all the body in the bowl and went out fully covered of food! Luckily there is mum who have carefully cleaned all of them! You can see the video of their first meal in the litters page.

PS: I have experienced personally thiis morning they now they have teeth ... poor mum!

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