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August 6, 2015 - Good news and bad news ...

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 6/8/2015 13:22:00
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Good news and bad news ...
We don't write since a lot of time because, as sometimes happensa when you breed or when you shore your life with the dogs, we have some bad news and we needed time to"metabolize" them.
Our wonderful Perla, so loved by her family, has left us suddendly due to a malignant arrhythmia ... unpredictable, inevitable. No one of us can blame ourselves, simply this kind of things happen but they hurt so much both who has bred her and who have loved her as a daughter.
Bye bye Perla, have a good life wherever you are now!


The second bad news is that Niobe maybe has a bad problem, an osteosarcoma that could bring her away in a very short time ... but we are hoping for the best because the x-ray are not perfectly indicative of this disease so we are doing consults and examinations to arrive to a final diagnosis. Please keep your fingers crossed!

And now the good news (finally)! We are gone to the dog show in Turin with Pascal and Pringle. They both have done very well, they have shown a very nice temperament and also Federica, at her first experience as a handler, did very good. Our puppies have still to reinforce the back so they took only "Promising", but I'm sure they will improve with time and growht.

Secon good, even better news: after the problem happened to Perla I have decided to repeat the official echocardio to Niobe and make the first official echocardio to Pixel: they both are free from cardiac diseases!!!


Last news: Pixel start to go to swim in a dog swimming pool. First time he was a little perplexed, but he's so trustful to Erica that he followed her in the water to stay close to her. Now he's a proficient swimmer, he jumps from the ramp alone and it seems he has fun!


Next meeting of the Lotosdanes group on Sunday, August 30 in Cuggiono for the Breed Show of )=° year of SIA (Italian Great Dane Club). We hope to repeat the experience of the last breed show and have another meeting with all our puppies and their families, so we are waiting for you all!

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