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December 12, 2014 - They begin to see the world ...

Published by Lotosdanes in Allevamento · 16/12/2014 17:20:00
Tags: niobedeliverypuppieslittergreatdanebluelotosdaneskennel
December 12, 2104 - They begin to see the world ...
Today the "beige collar" girl has opened her little eyes: two little cracks that look around ...
As usual, females vs. males 1-0!

Niobe is tired to stay all day with the little vampires, so we put a mattress only for her close to the box where she can relax a little. All the little vampires are growing. As usual we touch and manipulate them because we want them to be used to be lifted, touched, caressed, scratched, pampered, tourned, etc.. The problem is that they try to suck everuthing they find on their way, also fingers!

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